Confusion about 'Apps'

  wee eddie 15:07 21 Oct 12

"Apps" started life as small additional Applications for use on Mobile/Smart Phones and Tablets.

However the name "App" now appears to have become a Catch-all for all software. Is this correct?

Or where is the line drawn.

Angry Birds is an App. Microsoft Office Pro is?

  wee eddie 15:10 21 Oct 12

I regret the loss of the facility to put Punctuation Marks into Thread Titles.

When did that happen?

  wiz-king 15:31 21 Oct 12

A couple of weeks ago -it was found that a lot of spam posts were causing difficulty because of their punctuation marks.

Apps - yes it's going back in time to the first few years of computing when everything came as a separate little program. I wonder how many of them are bought/loaded and never used after the first couple of times. Must be about time CCleaner done a mobile app remover! Mind you it does encourage developers to make every smaller, less memory hungry programms and not build bloatware. (I still have my first edition of an office suite that came on a 5" floppy which had to be loaded into drive 1 before use!)

  Forum Editor 17:03 21 Oct 12

"When did that happen?"

I don't know, but I'll investigate, and get it changed. In the meantime I've given you a compromise.

  Forum Editor 17:08 21 Oct 12

All software programs are applications. I suppose the 'app' thing came about because it's just quicker to say 'apps' instead of applications.

Not to be confused with Applets, which are small apps designed to run inside other apps.

Simple, isn't it?

  woodchip 17:37 21 Oct 12

I agree with FE on this one, its just a short way of printing it

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