Configuring a new PC- help

  Roy03 12:59 24 Jan 16

Hi I've ordered a new pc to be built by one of the leading pc companies, and I'm wondering if these components will work. Asus H110M motherboard, Intel i5 6600K cpu,1TB Seagate SSHD, Crucial 8GB 2133DDr4,AMD R7 250 2gb, Creative sound blaster Audigy FX5.1 500WPSU, DVD writer etc. I don't know too much of the technical side, but I have a budget of £600 and this came to £610 Any thoughts regards Roy

  Pine Man 13:15 24 Jan 16

Hi I've ordered a new pc to be built by one of the leading pc companies

It's a bit late to ask if your new PC will work AFTER you've ordered it surely?

Anyway it is unlikely that the company would allow you to specify parts for your PC that weren't compatible.

  Roy03 13:35 24 Jan 16

I understand what you're saying but I only ordered it yesterday and they wont process the order till tomorrow, all that bothers me is that they will try and sell me something I don't need, upgrades to the motherboard etc

  Forum Editor 13:45 24 Jan 16

You say that you have ordered from one of the leading PC companies, and I imagine you selected the components from a list on their website.

That being the case, you can be pretty certain that the finished computer will work. It will be tested before it is sent to you. There's not much point in the company trying to things you don't need, and in any case you have placed the order.

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