Computer companies that offer financing?

  simon_lambert 22:23 26 Feb 07

Does anyone know anywhere I can get a PC of the internet with a finance plan? Preferably a 0% one. Thanks

  Ranger 22:34 26 Feb 07

try Evesham, good reliable company and they also do 0% and buy now pay later deals click here

PS if you go through quidco you'll also get 2% of your cash back

  spuds 23:15 26 Feb 07

There are a number of on-line computer sellers who offer finance plans, its just a case of selecting what you want to suit your specifications and pocket, then do a search.

When you select a finance package, look for additions like admin/handling charges which can add a further 'hidden' increase on the final payment.

  jack 09:06 27 Feb 07

Like buying anything else on credit a 0% offer
usually means paying a higher price for the product, or unrealistic delivery charge or a short payback time.
There are very few Free Luches in this world
One really has to sit down with blunt pencil and back of envelope and do the sums.

  neil79 11:21 27 Feb 07

Evesham now offer free delivery on all it's pcs, which when combined with the finance clinched my order

  grumpygramp 14:23 27 Feb 07

Novatech also offer Finance on orders over £400

  The Brigadier 14:36 27 Feb 07

Were are you based?
I know of a few companies in the south east/London that offer good deals.

  freaky 20:51 28 Feb 07

Some companies will let you pay a deposit, then give you 6 months interest free credit provided you pay off the balance.

If you proceed with this method, then the matter is transferred to a finance company. They will give you a choice of payments if you cannot pay the balance.

An alternative method is pay the full amount on your Credit Card, then pay back the Card company as and when you can. This is probably a more flexible method, especially if they give an interest free period on new purchases.

  007al 19:40 01 Mar 07

There are still some fees,but try here click here

  Kate B 19:51 01 Mar 07

If you're going to do it with a credit card, get a new one with a 0 per cent introductory period and buy the PC with that then pay off the balance before the 0 per cent period is up. Borrowing on a credit card at their standard APRs is an expensive way to finance anything.

  terryf 23:11 01 Mar 07

click here and for a machine click here

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