Compatible cartiges

  he he :-) 00:04 27 Feb 03

I have got compatable ink cartriges in my epson C42 plus printer but the color seems to mix with the black so I thought it was just the cartrige because it didn't happen with the ones epson gave me with the printer but when I got new ones it still happened so I rung up epson and all they could tell me was buy originals. can u tell me how to stop them mixing?

  Djohn 00:13 27 Feb 03

Do you mean, bleeding into each other on the page. If so then make sure you have the correct paper quality selected in your printer properties.

If you have it set for ink-jet, and are using cheap copy paper, then this will happen, as your printer is puting down too much ink.

  spuds 00:14 27 Feb 03

Contact the supplier of your compatibles for further advice. If you purchased them from a company like Choice or one of the other reputable outlets,they will possibly have the answer, and a quick replacement.It sounds as though you may have a 'bad ink' compatible or print heads.Going to Epson with a compatible problem, is like asking HP or Lexmark if they recommend someone else's printer. (;o(

  he he :-) 10:01 27 Feb 03

No I use good paper.

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