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  exdragon 17 Nov 11

Hi - I want to change my old Nokia 6300 for a more up to date one. I've read loads of reviews but wonder if any of you can offer any comments. So far, o2 have suggested the Nokia 700, while Carphone Warehouse have gone for the HTC Wildfire S or the Samsung Ace. Apparently the Nokia uses Symbian which someone else has suggested isn't as good as Android - as for me, I haven't a clue!

All offer 200 mins for calls to landlines and cross networks, unlimited texts, 250 o2-o2 calls and 100mb data. These limits are fine for me. I'm staying with o2 as I have their broadband and home phone.

I don't want to download films and suchlike, basically I just want a more modern handset and to be able to use the email facility. I've also got a iPod Touch for all my music etc.

The charge is £18.50 (I'm currently paying £15.32) but I don't want to go down the route of paying £30-odd for an iPhone etc.

Any personal comments would be appreciated.

  johnathann 18 Nov 11

I would go for Samsung Ace as it the Android Phone. It looks stylish and have all the feature you have requested for.

  exdragon 18 Nov 11

Thank you - I've just got back from buying the Ace and it's charging even as we speak.


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