Compact camera with optical viewfinder

  dotterel59 18:22 19 Aug 09

I want to buy a pocket size camera, but I don't seem able to find one with an optical viewfinder. I have not found an LCD screen that I can see well in bright sunlight. Any recommendations?

  alB 18:29 19 Aug 09

This one's a little belter, my other half has one, takes some great pictures ...alB

click here

  jack 20:07 19 Aug 09

click here
Retro style with using the 3-4ths system optical finder as an extra

  Woolwell 20:46 19 Aug 09

IMO Canon is the main manufacturer for compact cameras with optical viewfinders. There are other models besides alB's link. Many other manufacturers seem to have dropped the optical viewfinder which I agree is needed in bright sunlight.

  interzone55 21:17 19 Aug 09

Am I missing something, dotterel59 specifically asked for a camera with an optical viewfinder.

As far as I can tell the Pen E-P1 doesn't have a viewfinder.

I'm going to vote for Canon, every one of their cameras I've tried has been good or better.

The PowerShot models are the best compacts in their line, but they tend to be quite chunky.

The Ixus 100 click here is I think the smallest in their line with an optical viewfinder.

  ton 21:42 19 Aug 09

Yes you are missing something. Jack did say in his post that the viewfinder is an extra and this is correct.

  hssutton 21:46 19 Aug 09

"As far as I can tell the Pen E-P1 doesn't have a viewfinder."

Yes you are correct, but you can buy an optical viewfinder that clips onto the hotshoe. Not sure how effective it will be on what is a DSLR.

Canon produce several compacts with an optical viewfinder check out the Canon PowerShot A1100 IS

  ton 21:51 19 Aug 09


  hssutton 23:05 19 Aug 09

DSLR + Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and usually has interchangable lenses

  dotterel59 23:17 19 Aug 09

Thanks a lot for the rapid and useful responses. It looks like Canon are the only ones still providing an optical viewfinder. I'll browse for those.
Thanks again

  Stuartli 23:46 19 Aug 09

The A1100IS appears to be the only Powershot Canon these days with an optical viewfinder (OVF).

Quite a change from only around two years to three ago, when the Axxx models all featured a proper viewfinder.

One of the offspring has the A710IS with 6x zoom - cracking camera as with the others at the time. Originally £350, but he paid about £150. See review at:

click here

The actual Powershot body was basically the same, only the specifications and features varied within the range.

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