rdave13 19:55 15 Jul 06

Anyone tried out their free stuff. Looks interesting. click here

  ade.h 19:59 15 Jul 06

Yes, I've tested the firewall. Quite good actually, but beaten by Kerio, so no change for me.

  rdave13 20:11 15 Jul 06

Seems they have a free security setup. Just looks too good to be true. If they are good then it might be a good site to refer any new begginers to secure their pc's untill they are confident enough to search around for other (free) apps. Just a thought as you've got firewall,av etc all in one basket so to speak.

  Stuartli 20:51 15 Jul 06

No different in basic approach to ZoneAlarm, Avast! AVG, Search and Destroy, SpywareBlaster and similar free (excellent) security products...:-)

  spuds 22:08 15 Jul 06

Think that I will pass on this one. Just had a look at two of the 'free for ever' programs. One was or appeared to be a trial version. Another program required registration?.

  rdave13 22:18 15 Jul 06

All my free security apps require registration, the AV is beta I think.

  rdave13 22:40 11 Aug 06

The Comodo firewall 2.0 has a good write-up in this month's (Oct issue) mag. Just might give it a go, although I have Mcafee firewall which is free with AOL.

  Belatucadrus 01:34 12 Aug 06

I'm testing the AV on one of my machines, true it's a beta and the "live" coverage is on access which puts it rather some way behind avast or AVG. But it is totally free even to business users and network suitable. So nobody at all has any excuse for running without up to date AV of some form. I'll be interested to see if Comodo submit it for test to ICSA and VirusBulletin as that's as good a way as any of finding out if it's any good.

  rdave13 10:21 12 Aug 06

Just uninstalled Mcafee firewall and running Comodo. Good interface and will see how it goes.

  BigRik 15:54 12 Aug 06

I installed it yesterday (the firewall that is) and it seemed OK, but then my games kept crashing during load up so I had to uninstall it. Shame really. It looked alright.

According to the author of a book I have, "...the built-in Windows Firewall is protecting against system intrusion."

" is the least troublesome to use, particularly for online gamers and the average home user."

Personally, I will probably stick with the Windows firewall, but there are those who don't use a firewall at all, and I'm beginning to see why!

  rdave13 18:38 12 Aug 06

Thanks for that. So far everything's steady here exept that AOL doesn't recognise it but Windows does. Will try to load a game later.

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