Comet a good news story

  peugeot man 19:54 20 Nov 10

My daughter purchased a Packard Bell laptop from Comet 3 weeks ago.
Today the item stopped charging, a quick check showed that the charger had failed.

She spoke to the Comet helpdesk who advised her to return the item to the store where a replacement would be offered, OR they would swap the charger "her choice".

One hour later visited the store prepared to do battle having read so many bad after sales experiences. However a replacement laptop or charger was offered without question.

She opted for a new charger which was supplied and the laptop tested before we left the store. All done with a smile and an apology from the staff for the inconvenience.

Now that's the way it should be done !! Thankyou Comet.

  johnnyrocker 19:58 20 Nov 10

consumer watch may have been a better posting?


  peugeot man 20:00 20 Nov 10

You are right... Perhaps FE could please move it.

  Graham. 00:16 21 Nov 10

I like it where it is. Too many forums, in my view.

  Forum Editor 00:20 21 Nov 10

to Consumerwatch.

  Forum Editor 00:23 21 Nov 10

that is the way it should be done. It's a pity that some retailers don't see it that way, but with increasing levels of customer awareness with regard to consumer legislation we'll get there.

  morddwyd 08:05 21 Nov 10

"Too many forums, in my view."

Then don't read them all!

  onthelimit 09:17 21 Nov 10

Client bought an HP PC from Comet a month ago. A week later the PSU failed. Comet replaced it on the spot with no hassle whatsoever. Better than some computer stores we hear about!

  birdface 10:19 21 Nov 10

I must admit it is nice to hear some good comments about the service provided by some company's.
I had to take my Grand Daughters laptop back once and got the same service as yourself and with the same company.
Put a new battery in it and also sent it away for a service.
All to often you get get company's on here with poor customer service's but people keep buying from them so that you get more and more complaints about the same sort of thing.
All to often when you get good customer service like you had we very seldom post about it.
But if we get bad service we are not long complaining about that.

  wee eddie 11:03 21 Nov 10

of the two positives, a daughter was present on each occasion, I think that in front of ones offspring, one is likely to be positively pleasant, rather than aggressive. Of course, one should not ignore the sexual angle. Many young male assistants find it difficult the be anything other than helpful in front of a member of the opposite sex!

I have found the "Silken Gloved" attack to be the most effective. It is difficult for a Sales-person to be objectionable, or even obstructive, when confronted by someone being positively gelatinous!

  spuds 13:14 21 Nov 10

Perhaps I am going to put a slight dampener on all the praise. But due to two rather very bad experiences with that company (after the take-over from the previous owners), and their sales and management teams, I stated that I and 'mine' would never set foot in any of their stores again. And we haven't.

Perhaps things have changed, but certain feedbacks doesn't always seem to suggest that, regarding some present day experiences by others.

Perhaps wee eddie as a point?.

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