Combined Fridge Freezer

  onthelimit1 17:43 28 Sep 12

I have a 3yr old Beko fridge freezer. This model has only one compressor and the thermostat is in the fridge compartement.

I am becoming concerned as the fridge seems very cold (+1, I'd expect +5) and the freezer insufficiently cold (-12, I'd expect -18). Anyone else experienced this sort of problem, as I'm at a loss to explain it?

  morddwyd 19:17 28 Sep 12

Sounds like the seal has gone on the freezer and the compressor is running trying to compensate, thereby overcooling the frig.

  onthelimit1 20:02 28 Sep 12

Nope - door seal is fine. Someone suggested leaving the fridge door open from time to time to force the freezer temp down! Sounds a bit extreme. but may have to do it in the short term.

  Woolwell 21:34 28 Sep 12

Build up of ice?

  onthelimit1 22:31 28 Sep 12

No - it defrosts automatically.

  Woolwell 22:55 28 Sep 12

I had a Hotpoint that was supposed to defrost but had a build up of ice behind a panel. The freezer seemed to be constantly working.

  caccy 17:36 29 Sep 12

Daughter has a fridge /freezer that has the same problem occuring about once a year. Her solution is to switch it off for 48 hours to properly defrost. (She does have a stand by freezer in the garage). This seems to work.

  morddwyd 20:06 29 Sep 12

"No - it defrosts automatically."

That does fail sometimes; like Woolwell, I had one like that.

Just failed to auto defrost the once, but that was enough to cause excessive ice build up (which you don't see, as it's in the defrost coils).

The switch off for 48 hours tip is a good one; it worked for me.

  onthelimit1 09:29 30 Sep 12

Thanks - I'll give it a try

  namtas 13:29 30 Sep 12

The symptoms that you describe suggest that it has a lost part of the gas charge, the refrigerator section ie the evaporator will continue to get colder and freezer area will get less cold until it looses so much gas that it fails to cool at all, domestic units are not designed to be re charged and therefore uneconomical to repair

  onthelimit1 15:53 30 Sep 12

Hmm. having just replaced my dishwasher (17 yrs old) looks like I may have to save my pennies!

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