Christmas Lights!

  24/7 14:35 08 Nov 08

Ok Ok i know FE wont allow any threads regarding the "C" word until december BUT i am genuinly looking for a bargain & wondered if anyone has had any luck finding these lights cheap, i am after the NEW Blue LED lights 200+ like these click here but they dont do 200+ ive got a large house & would like these type as they look very affective..

  €dstowe 14:56 08 Nov 08

Buy two (or more) sets.

  Legolas 16:26 08 Nov 08

Have you tried ebay? click here

  crosstrainer 18:22 08 Nov 08

Sure this thread will be locked, but is this what you are trying to achieve?

click here

  Forum Editor 18:38 08 Nov 08

from Speakers Corner.

  24/7 18:56 08 Nov 08 Err not i just wondered if anyone knew where i could get these lights cheapish, ive tried Ebay thankx Legolas i cant get them cheaper than £40 + del & thats for just 200 i want 200+...

  namtas 22:33 08 Nov 08

Since the law on the use and operation of outside power use was changed I am very surprised that we don't see more publicity warning of the dangers of displaying external illumination without a proper dedicated protected external power source - I am sure that many hundreds possibly thousands of homes don't bother and string the outdoor connection from the nearest mains socket.

  lofty29 09:26 09 Nov 08

I bought a load of the blue and red LED's from HK last year low voltage, low power consumption, and very effective worked out at £30 for 300, also have had several sets of solar powered one's running in the garden all year around the pergola.

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