Choice stationary-Excellent service

  dagbladet 12:31 27 Nov 03

I made my first ever order for carts two weeks ago. After 8 working days and no sign I rang customer services. I got straight through to a real person, a very nice lady, who promised to sort it. The next morning the order arrived intact. Thanks nice choice lady.

  JIM 13:30 27 Nov 03

your problem was sorted in an straight old fashion way.A good choice by you in a company to do business with and Choice Stationery’s nice lady well worth some praise.

  Stuartli 14:29 27 Nov 03

Good to hear.

Cartridge Club is another similar online outlet that deserves a special mention for excellent products, pricing and service.

  siliconbits 15:02 27 Nov 03

Back choice stationery up. Fantastic service. Email correspondence top notch, well above average. I am a repeated customer with them and they have never let me fall down... Hope this continues.... Website is very easy to use and the fact that there is no hidden costs helps ;-)

  plankton 15:18 27 Nov 03

Send them an e-mail to thank her - she might get her raise based on the nice comments from customers! I did.....

  plankton 15:19 27 Nov 03

..send my comments, not get a raise....;o))

  dagbladet 21:10 28 Nov 03

I did.

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