chkdsk problem

  Dannyb 09:58 03 Mar 07

I have diskeeper installed on my PC and have started getting a window open which says that it cannot check my disk as "chkdsk is scheduled to run at startup and needs to take place first" (wording to that effect anyway). I have run chkdsk but still diskeeper will not work and tells me the same. Can anybody advise a)why is this happening and b)what can I do to rectify it. Thanks. I have Windows XP and Diskeeper v.10.0.606.0

  pk46 10:15 03 Mar 07

Your on the wrong forum try the HELPROOM forum.

  Dannyb 10:26 03 Mar 07

Sorry about that, I thought it might be a Diskeeper thing. Anyway, now on helproom forum. Thanks.

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