Mekanos 20:49 15 Feb 08

Hi guys,

Been reading some pcadvisor reviews online and noticed that chilliblast is very highly rated by the magazine, but i dont hear anything about it on these forums, any particular reason?

Checked out some of their desktops and they seem pretty good and reasonably priced.

so i guess my question is, are they any good? - in terms on component quality, build quality and after sales service.

small side question: will there be a noteable performance boost in running two 8800GTS compared to running two 8800GT's? (i.e. is it worth paying extra for?)

Thanks in advance!

  Mekanos 20:58 15 Feb 08

cant believe i called it chilliblast...

I ordered a headset off a couple of years ago. It arrived on time, no complaints.

You only tend to hear bad experiences with companies on the forum so a lack of discussions about them is probably a good thing.

  citadel 23:39 15 Feb 08

they have tested several of their pc's in custom pc mag in the past and they have done well.

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