Check what Fuel costs you!

  The Brigadier 09:32 03 Jun 08

Check what filling up really costs you each time.
click here

  The Brigadier 09:33 03 Jun 08
  birdface 10:14 03 Jun 08

Bit of an eye opener.Just shows how much this government takes off us in tax.You get your wages,they are taxed and very near everything else you buy or do is taxed.We must be one of the highest taxed nations in the world.

  Cymro. 11:50 03 Jun 08

"We must be one of the highest taxed nation in the world"

It would be very interesting if someone could come up with some sort of chart that would tell us who exactly is the highest taxed nation.

  spuds 12:17 03 Jun 08

In answer to the question Cymro raised, a simple Google search will reveal most facts. According to one website, the Congo as a tax rate of something like 55%, and is a world leader.

Heres a little something, to think about click here

  birdface 13:23 03 Jun 08

Nice one spuds.

  SB23 10:49 04 Jun 08

One for the wife to see, as to how much her car costs me, lol!

  carver 20:10 06 Jun 08

Very interesting that site, my wife has been on about buying another car that will get better mileage but after working out how much she will save over the course of a year it's not worth it.

She drives a 14 year old 2.8 turbo diesel Pajero and does about 3000 miles a year and if she buys another car for about £5000 she will have to drive it for about 8 years before she saves any money.

  Stuartli 23:48 06 Jun 08

In actual fact, although I would normally knock the Government for the tax it soaks up from the price of petrol and diesel (without doing any actual work), it is actually losing out on the tax levels it takes on current prices.

Previously it was 76 per cent of the actual price we paid at the pumps, but this figure has dropped to around 56 per cent since the steep fuel price rises.

Still extortionate in view of the fact that the oil companies and the petrol stations have to do all the work and even collect the tax and VAT involved on behalf of the Treasury without suitable reward, but in fairness worth pointing out.

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