Cheapest Desktop

  theyhavecheese 13:10 27 Mar 08


I have done a bit of searching on the forum but can't really find anything to suit my question. I need a new desktop - the only thing it needs to do is run the Internet and perhaps Word. Literally nothing more. All it gets used for is to look at Multimap. So naturally I want one as cheap as possible, the fewer features the better if you see what I mean! Only requirements are that it includes an OS and costs less than £200. Any suggestions guys?


  belfman 13:22 27 Mar 08

click here

Get this guy's eBay handle and do a deal through eBay. I don't think PCAdvisor would advocate it on here.

I doubt you'll get a new machine for less than £200.

  theyhavecheese 13:26 27 Mar 08

Oh, I meant to mention I can also handle a refurb :)

Thanks for the reply though, that looks excellent if he is happy with the price you have suggested.

  Totally-braindead 13:30 27 Mar 08
  theyhavecheese 13:32 27 Mar 08

I had a look there. I saw the Dell that was £139.99. But then I saw that no power cables are supplied???

  Stuartli 13:39 27 Mar 08

A PSU power cable would cost about a couple of pounds at most stores.

  pchelper001 13:42 27 Mar 08

if you go down on the above link of the page for the dell...there is a power lead for 1.99. That still makes the computer extremely good money for what it has!

  Totally-braindead 14:01 27 Mar 08

If you want to really be cheap nick the one off your kettle. Mind you if you then want a cuppa you'll have to switch the computer off.

  belfman 14:16 27 Mar 08

USB tea maker!

  GaT7 00:49 28 Mar 08

"...naturally I want one as cheap as possible, the fewer features the better if you see what I mean! Only requirements are that it includes an OS...."

You could pick one up for peanuts off eBay - a search (sorted by Price + P+P: lowest first) click here. Login & sort the list as above you'll see the PCs closest to you with a 'Pick up only' - you could literally go & pick them up for free after winning the auction (& possibly see them in action too).

Another search sorted by 'Buy it now' AND 'Price + P+P: lowest first': click here - you'll need to check if they are suitable & have an OS, etc. As an example here are a couple for around £50 click here & click here. G

  Totally-braindead 01:32 28 Mar 08

Another suggestion click here

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