Cheaper Component(s) AFTER I order from "ShopX"

  AnthonyB 14:52 12 Jan 05


I have got a new PC on my new years shopping list, with places like Mesh, Evesham, PC world, etc in mind. However, what would I be able to do if (say as an example) I ordered a PC from Evesham - and if it took 3 weeks to deliver - the price of there GFX card, Processor etc was cheaper than when i ordered it? - or if the same model I ordered was (say) £1699 rather than the £1899 it was when I signed my life away:)?.

I know PC technology stands still not, but would I get a sort of refund? (I did at pc world. I ordered a Printer for £149, and it came down to £99.99 1 day after i ordered. I mailed them, and got the £50 credited on my account).



  rickf 15:06 12 Jan 05

You are a lucky man. Normally, you pay the price that you bought it for.

  Totally-braindead 15:39 12 Jan 05

Agree with rickf once you've agreed to purchase an item you will pay the price you agreed to, mind you on the other hand if some of the parts became more expensive you wouldn't be happy if they turned round and said "sorry the price of XXX has gone up you'll have to pay another £50".

  AnthonyB 16:10 12 Jan 05

Well rick, Pc world email you 3 times before despatching (one to confirm order, one to say your order is being processed, and one to say it's on it's way), and I only had 2 mails, so caught them before they mailed me the third time:)

Totally-braindead, I wouldn't be happy if they turned round and said "sorry the price of XXX has gone up you'll have to pay another £50

- I'd email them to apologise though - I may pay later through tec-support:D;)


  Jdoki 16:18 12 Jan 05

I can only speak from a similar experience that happened to me.

I ordered a new PC online for about £1200, a week later they upgraded the specs but kept the price the same. My delivery was not due for another week.

I called up the company and explained the situation - they changed the order.

If you order online you can cancel at any point before the dispatch and 7 days after delivery if the item is 'off the shelf'. In which case you can simply cancel the order and re-order the the cheaper version I would assume.

If it's not an off the shelf order - such as a custom config PC - you don't get the 7 days after delivery part of the above, from what I remember.

  TomJerry 16:50 12 Jan 05

Barclaycard has a benifit called Price Promise with which you can claim price different within 60d ays when you spot the same item cheaper elsewhere. Used a few times myself.

Unfortunately, they stop it for new customers and old customer only have it until the end of this month.

If anyone known any other credit card do the same, I would like to know.

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