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  griffon56 08 Sep 11

The other night I chanced to come across on a Curry's or Amazon page, can't remember which, but the page was legit. I went to and had a look at what was going on. It seemed that a 15 second bid period was in use with new, boxed guaranteed LED/LCD TV's etc., going for sums like £49 and plasmas for £150. All supposed to be overstock, firesale or bankruptcy stock. There were brand new, apparently, Kindles going for £18.

Is this site too good to be true, as it looks, or is it bonafide and worth a dabble. Anybody any advice?

  interzone55 08 Sep 11

These sites make their money by charging users each time they make a bid. The US site I've just checked charges 60c per bid.

Assuming they're selling a Kindle and 200 bid they've collected the $120 a Kindle normally costs, plus whatever they make from the eventual sale.

Yes they're legit, and you do get genuine bargains if you win, but far more people lose than win - just like going to the Bingo

  griffon56 08 Sep 11

Thank you alan14, I suspected there was a catch in it. Your answer also explains why, when the Dealfun page opens it's on the Register part of the page, desperate to get you signed in. I suppose it's a matter of luck as to whether you cast the winning bid with a whole lot of wasted bids in between.


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