Cheap Norton 2002 editions?

  AdeJ 15:15 01 Jan 03
  AdeJ 15:15 01 Jan 03

A friend has finally gone online with a new Xmas PC - is anywhere selling the Norton 2002 editions off cheaper now the 2003 (not much added) variants are out?

  Andsome 15:19 01 Jan 03

Why start off out of date?

  AdeJ 15:30 01 Jan 03

because the 2003 editions do not offer anything particularly beneficial over the 2002 editions for the higher price

  Mac & Beth 15:34 01 Jan 03
  rev.bem 16:09 01 Jan 03

£13.00 inc vat and a 5% discount if you register

click here

  Stuartli 17:05 01 Jan 03

If, by any chance, your friend has Pipex as his/her ISP then they will find that Norton Anti-Virus software can be downloaded free from the Pipex website. It originally also came with three years' updates rather than the normal one year.

Mind you it's a rather large download at around 36MB....:-)

  Tenner 17:30 01 Jan 03

Or try this site : click here


  Coaster3 18:23 01 Jan 03

I thought I might buy this for my sone until I came up against this:

1*Norton AntiVirus 2002 OEM £13.74 RoyalMail postage £4.38 Amount £21.29

  Coaster3 18:25 01 Jan 03

Thought I'd try yout alternative but came up against this:

"The log file for database 'pdchoice' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space."

Not my year so far!

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