cheap laptop

  yog sothoth 20:30 04 Jul 07

I am thinking of buying a cheap laptop for general surfing, mp3 downloads etc, but would also like to play some old games such as medieval and Rome total war.I don't know anything about intergrated graphics chips (GM950 or ATI 1150).Does anyone know if these a complete non starter as far as these games go,please ?

  ambra4 05:17 05 Jul 07

Try this site

click here=|c:610|&Recs=30

  ambra4 05:19 05 Jul 07

Sorry Page

click here

  yog sothoth 20:35 06 Jul 07

thanks for the link. I was more interested if anyone knew anything about the cards though

  Devil Fish 00:48 07 Jul 07

this may help

click here

i cant find any clear info on the GM950

but it looks like the ATI would be ok for low level gaming = (older Games)

  yog sothoth 16:14 08 Jul 07

Thanks for the replies, they were most helpful

  Holty001 14:09 10 Jul 07

buyit247 .com have great spec, cheap laptops. next day delivery. top service

  thermal12 18:10 03 Jul 08

I found that chinese website
VAIO TZ series laptops for 90$

its a must see !!

click here

  Tim1964 23:27 03 Jul 08

That site is either a total con or the best find on the net EVER. !!!!!!!!

Does anyone know if it's a fake?

$90 (£45) for a laptop with that spec, it's almost worth the gamble. :D

  OhBeardedOne 07:31 04 Jul 08

Sounds too good to be true, so probably is...but at that price! bet they dont come with an OS.

  Tim1964 16:42 04 Jul 08

Wonder if that's where this came from?

click here

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