Cheap camera batteries?

  SB23 17:23 14 Jul 06

I've got an Olympus camera, which at this time of year costs a fortune in batteries. It can use AA size or a CRV3 type battery.
Anyone know of a place where I can maybe save a few £'s?, either online or not, I'm not bothered.



  SG Atlantis® 17:41 14 Jul 06

rechargeables on ebay.

Got 4 uniross 2100m AA batteries, brand new for £4.

  spuds 17:44 14 Jul 06

Rechargables from Aldi, four for £1.99.

  The Kestrel 17:54 14 Jul 06

Thje cheapest place I have found for CRV3 type batteries is click here=

They also have good prices on rechargebles and standard alkaline batteries.

  SB23 18:04 14 Jul 06

Are the lithium type better than the alkaline type?
Silly question really.

  Stuartli 18:13 14 Jul 06

>>Silly question really.>>


I bought a total of 16 2300Ma rechargeables from click here for about £15 including delivery.

Four take about an hour-and-a-half to fully charge in a fast (rather than Ultra Fast) £12 battery recharger; the latter type will charge them up even faster.

They are used in my digital camera, portable radios etc.

  Stuartli 18:16 14 Jul 06

A CR-V3 battery (in effect two AA batteries) is a Litium battery - that's why it lasts so much longer but, even so, running costs are hundreds of times more expensive compared to rechargeables.

  Stuartli 18:16 14 Jul 06


  SB23 18:26 14 Jul 06

I'll be honest, I bought rechargeables with the camera at a discount, (I asked), and I ended up disposing of them, because they were no better than the normal shop bought ones. That was even after following the instructions. So I am still edging towards Lithium, depite maybe the extra expence. I'll be sure not to have a battery that is dead or dying after only 20-30 minutes.

  Phphred 19:17 14 Jul 06

Get a good charger and here is one click here

And Energizer re-chargeable batteries. I can't remember where I had a report from on the batteries, but they came out top of the list!!

  Stuartli 19:46 14 Jul 06

>>because they were no better than the normal shop bought ones.>>

Rechargeables come in various capacities and the latest ones are all more than 2000mA - that means they last very much longer when being used.

You should also be aware that a rechargeable battery loses about one per cent of its charge a day, so need to be recharged as and when necessary before use.

Unlike earlier Ni-Cad batteries, there is no memory effect and they can be recharged at any point in the cycle.

Another point is that if you have the latest rechargeables (i.e. 2000mA upwards) and an earlier battery recharger, you need to turn it off for a few seconds when they have "charged" and then switch it on again. Do this until the batteries are fully recharged and the green light is on permanently.

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