Cheap Base Unit Wanted

  Jake_027 00:19 22 Dec 08

I haven't been on the forums for some time and obviously I'm not up to date with prices and the best spec desktops anymore. I'm looking for a cheap base unit (no monitor needed) around £200 or cheaper and would appreciate a few pointers :)

Thanks in advance

  GaT7 00:47 22 Dec 08

What are the various things you'll use it for? G

  The Brigadier 08:44 22 Dec 08
  spuds 11:17 22 Dec 08

Check out a 'bare-bones' system, which a number of manufacturers may offer. Novatech being one such company, and their website will provide some information for possible selection.

  Jake_027 14:39 22 Dec 08

I will be using it for basic tasks-internet, word processing, and some low end photo editing. I was looking at getting a model with an intel dual core processor. Are there any really low end dual core processors that I should avoid?


  GaT7 15:36 22 Dec 08

"Are there any really low end dual core processors that I should avoid?" - for the tasks you'll be carrying out? Absolutely not! I still use a single-core CPU & DDR RAM in one of my PCs - to do those things & more.

A few months ago, Dell were doing basic dual-core PCs ranging from £140-180, which included an OS. These are in the £210 range now, e.g. click here. For once their RAM upgrade (to 2Gb at least) is not overpriced.

If you were to build your own & don't mind using a free version of Linux, you may get a better spec for £200. G

  Jake_027 16:16 22 Dec 08

Hmm, the vostro looks good, are home users allowed to purchase them? I would build my own but I'd rather have the warranty for piece of mind. Thanks for the help though, thats exactly what I was looking for!

  GaT7 18:53 22 Dec 08

Yes, home users may purchase them. Put your surname in the Business name field, but only if you have to.

One thing to be aware of is that there are no 7-day returns with this like a Home buyer would be entitled to (full T&C regarding Consumer/Home & Business buyers click here). G

  Stuartli 19:50 22 Dec 08

Don't forget BigPockets(!):

click here

  GaT7 20:03 22 Dec 08

Yes Stuartli, I did think of them, but if you look closely they're relatively poor for the money compared to the Dell - which comes with an OS btw. A comparable dual-core PC at BigPocket is £255 click here, but w/o an OS. G

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