cheap 6600GT pci-e graphics card anyone??

  keef66 12:36 16 Sep 05

Misco are offering these Sparkle cards at about half price!! "liquidation stock" so may not come with manuals etc, but still a bargain. I have an AGP mobo so I couldn't just plug one in, but I'm seriously considering a pci-e mobo upgrade to accommodate one.
Link hopefully:-

click here

  GaT7 17:56 16 Sep 05

Thanks for the info keef66.

Your link doesn't work or the cards have sold out. However, I did manage to find a Sparkle PCI-E 6600 (non-GT) for about £40 click here. Usual price for the PCI-E 6600 starts around £70 I think.

I didn't know Misco sold items at such reduced prices. Just found their "liquidation stock" section - that has a whole lot more than just graphics cards - click here.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:02 16 Sep 05

The link worked earlier - I think it came in at about £60 or so.

Either a mistake or all sold out...

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