Changing ADSL provider

  interzone55 20:51 30 May 03

Anyone know how I go about changing ADSL provider?

I'm currently with Freeserve but want to change to someone cheaper.
I know the process is different to changing a normal ISP - there you just change the dial-up number & that's that. With ADSL I don't dial any number the connection is direct to freeserve so how do I go about swapping to say Pipex or Supanet?

  anchor 12:32 31 May 03

For more information about changing to Pipex, contact their sales dept: 0845 077 2537

I take it that you have not got, or have exceeded, a minimum period contract with Freeserve. This is often 1 year.

  soy 12:50 31 May 03

You phone up freeserve to terminate your subscription (Providing its been over a year).

Then you subscribe to another ISP. You will have to pay line activation again (depending on your chosen ISP).

  interzone55 20:56 31 May 03

Yes I have passed my 1 year contracted period, so am able to switch.

The pipex comment was more a "for example" I will be switching to Supanet as I get it at staff discount as I work for Time Group. I was just wondering what the general process of switching involved.


Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware that I would have to pay for line activation again, I will have to look further into this.


  SafeHaven 00:50 01 Jun 03

Go to the pipex website or call them they will sort it all for you I have been on pipex over a year and no problems.

  anchor 16:40 01 Jun 03

Give Supernet a ring on 0800-771107.

Have a look here, it says no connection fee. After all, your phone line is already enabled, and you would be a new subscriber. You would only pay their £60 reconnection fee if you move home; (according to their site).

click here

  interzone55 20:50 01 Jun 03

Thanks for the info.

I will ring Supanet tomorrow.


  Eagie 23:01 01 Jun 03

Let us know how you get on with Supanet please.

I am with Freeserve and was looking to move to another provider but have been put off as they don't support migration which means that your account can't just be passed on to another ISP. You have to be fully disconnected and then reconnected - which of course costs money which partly makes changing a little pointless.

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