CF Cards for storage

  SonnyB 16:24 15 Feb 04

Does anyone know why cf cards ae not used for general data storgae in the same way as a floppy or cd?
They are quite cheap (£17 for 64mb), re-usable, very small and can hold large amounts of data, so why have they not used in this way by pc makers, except for photo storage.
I only ask because I regularly use them in the way that I have described for tranferring dat between Psion PDA's.

  Stuartli 08:28 16 Feb 04

You may be surprised just how often such cards are used in this way.

For instance, a business friend adopted my suggestion about two years ago that he does his daily backup this way using a 128MB CF card.

He acquired one of the internal card readers which is exactly the same size as a floppy drive and sits in the spare bay underneath; the CF card has its own adapter and just slots into the card reader whilst the backup is done.

Another way, of course, is to buy one of the 6 or 7-in-1 card read/write readers; this enables both card and card reader to be transported easily for use elsewhere.

  Indigo 1 08:52 16 Feb 04

I know some people who use their digicams as portable storage too !

  Stuartli 09:21 16 Feb 04

You can use any of the memory cards for the purpose - I use my digital camera's Secure Digital/MultiMedia cards for the purpose on occasions in conjunction with a 7 in 1 card reader.

Just make sure you don't switch your system off with the card still in.....wait until it has shut down before removing it.

The same applies to camera pix - always delete them whilst the card is in the camera and not your system, otherwise a reformat is necessary.

  ericmax 09:43 16 Feb 04

Sony will soon be bringing us a new Minidisc format
which can be used to store data from your PC.
I could be wrong on this but I think the discs will
cost about four pounds each,they are rewriteable robust(I think)and will hold one gig.
click here

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