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  raziel08 21:07 18 Oct 09

Hi all

I would like to know what everyone's opinions are about buying what i presume are second hand drives from this store. I have seen a 120GB SATA drive presumably with no cables or documentation in the online store for only £15 plus postage and packaging.

There is however no images or details about the product. Also can anyone tell if there would be a warranty or returns if the hard drive broke?


  lotvic 21:36 18 Oct 09

Not used them but
In the T&C's
""CeX offers a twelve [12] month warranty on all items except consumables. The CeX twelve [12] month warranty does not cover physical damage, water damage, or any damage caused by unlocking a mobile phone, and only covers software faults arising in the course of normal use. For further details on the conditions of the warranty, please contact us at ******* @ ******* "" (I put the *** in - proper email addy is in the T&C's)

  raziel08 08:23 19 Oct 09

Thanks for that Lotvic. I should have had a thorough read of the T&C's before posting.

However i wanted to know if anyone had had experience dealing with the company's returns policy or if they had encountered problems with any computer equipment that they had purchased from there.

  roddypoddy 19:09 19 Oct 09

Bought,and sold a number of items using them,never had any cause for concern,though i have not had to return anything under warranty.
Items bought include,PS3,laptop pc,mobile phones,and a number of less valuable items.
Have sold them,cpu,s,memory,gpu,s,which they test thoroughly.

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