CD/DVD Printers

  mikeyb59 15:32 22 Jan 04

Hi, has anyone used one of these and can they offer suggestions regarding make/model?

At present I tend to design/scan & print to labels but as you can imagine it can be a little tedious.

TIA Mike

  byfordr 16:32 22 Jan 04

One of my friends has one of the canon label printers. Some cds he burned for me looked pretty good. Nice neat text, but I think it has limited scope. Still for £60. One thing he did say was they rip through ink. Its about £5 a time on think he said he got about 50 odd disks per cartridge.

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Alternately try a printer with cd printing cabalities ie Canon i965. You can get a Epson stylus 950 for £169.99 click here Viking number KM1-SP950 which is also good for photos.

  mikeyb59 17:53 22 Jan 04

.... Somehow thought I could get better results.

Any other suggestions or I will stick with what I have!

  josie mayhem 21:09 22 Jan 04

I've got the epson stylus 900, the only difference between this and the 950, is that the 950 can read some memerory cards, but not SD size, so I went for the 900, all other specs are the same though.

Haven't printed onto cd/dvd yet, but it does produce very good high quaility photo's, took some that I had printed into work, and no-one could tell that they hadn't been printed veria a shop.

Cart's are a bit expensive, at £17.99 and £18.99 for colour (pcworld)but I have used cart's supplied by choice stationary's and even though they didn't last quite as long as the epsons, there was no deteriation in quaility of print (changed half way through a photo) ran if I remember rightly about eighty odd 6x4 photo's of using the roller attachement, much cheaper using roll of photo paper.

Hope this helps

  byfordr 21:14 22 Jan 04

Sorry forgot to mention that the price for the Epson doesn't include vat...cartridges from the same place are £7.99 +vat

click here(vehuwwzyll3jrurmyre3et45)/catalogSku.aspx?ID=T033140&FAMID=75602777

  mikeyb59 16:55 23 Jan 04

for all the suggestions.

Looks like I will have to live with what I have for the moment until I can afford a photo printer.

My trusty Epson C60 + labels will do for now!

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