cd tray keeps opening

  Chrissie228 17:24 14 Jan 12

Hi there! A different problem here with CD tray. I insert a disk - click on E drive and have message 'Insert disk' - then drawer opens. Anyone had this problem/know how to fix? Was working perfectly last time I tried.

  Terry Brown 20:33 14 Jan 12

It sounds as if either the CD drive is not registered as E; drive or the CD disk is not recognized.

Silly question: Are you putting a DVD in a CD drive?

Try the following, if you are on XP (unsure about window 7.)

Press the START and BREAK keys together to bring up the System Properties box. Select HARDWARE, then DEVICE MANAGER

Find the CD drive entry and right click, select uninstall.Close by X in right corner

Reboot machine and your system will now find the 'New' hardware and re-install it.

Open my Computer and have a look at the drive letters and try to open /close the CD drawer.


  Chrissie228 21:41 14 Jan 12

Hi Terry Big THANX for speedy response - have just read your possible solution - bit late now for a not-very-computer-literate - will try your suggestion tomorrow and let you know how I got on.

  Chrissie228 20:52 18 Jan 12

Hi Terry. did exactly as you said - though 7 is slightly different. All messages said - drivers up to date - device working perfectly. So, what next? It's under guarantee - take it to PC World - £20 for sign in/diagnosis. Fixed - collected next day - problem? Some little person had jammed a copy of Shaun the Sheep well in to the interior of the machine. A lesson has been learnt! thanks for your help - but may help others to search further than the obvious.



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