cd rom cases

  ryne 14:02 04 Jun 05

can someone tell me why cd roms are put in wopping great boxes, when an ordinary jewel case suffices for other disks. It realyis impossible to file them like a cd


  HondaMan 14:16 04 Jun 05

I chuck 'em away and use slimline jewell cases!

  ryne 15:10 04 Jun 05

great idea but why dont the magazines and other suppliers use jewels. What with the ones you buy as movies and games, surely it would be cheaper for them to put them in jewels


  ade.h 15:46 04 Jun 05

One word - marketing.

To get that lovely attractive game or movie artwork to fit on, the marketing folk love their "DVD specific" cases, just so that you know that you're looking at the latest in optical disc technology! (Ha!) Presumably, blue-ray discs will come in a twelve inch high metal box!

It works just the same when grab the DVD edition of PCA; you automatically think/know that you're getting more.

  Pooke 18:47 04 Jun 05

about dvds/cd roms but I can't find the posting.

I agree it should be the nice slim jewel cases. But they are put into those large covers to distinguish them from normal cds by the industry. Also perceived value I think is the term?

Just one of them things.........


  ryne 08:02 05 Jun 05

your right, Blue Ray or whatever wins most probably will be different, bigger magazines to hold them?. when you think of just who own the mags about two publishers they could have an influence, who knows. it could be a new form of portable device as content gets larger.

value and difference ? Do they really think we can't read or know the difference


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