CCTV Camera kit , dirt cheap !

  curlylad 12:24 01 Mar 04

Just purchased a CCTV camera kit from Netto supermarket .The kit contains all you need to be up and running in my case 20 minutes simple installation time .The camera has fairly good picture quality/sharpness and also boasts a built in mic.The price , an amazingly give away £19.99 .I can't understand why it's so cheap but it is , my only advice would be to get to your local Netto now as my store had them on sale from today , I went in just after opening time and picked up the last one.Have a look at it here click here let me know what you think.

  Stuartli 16:05 01 Mar 04

It would be interesting to know if you could substitute a webcam such as the D-Link NetEasy 350 rather than the b/w CCTV model offered - this would enable full colour viewing and, with a proper CCD, the NetEasy delivers maximum webcam resolution capability.

The D-Link is under £20 and is the equivalent of webcams costing a minimum of twice as much.

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