snowy30 01:37 06 May 04

Has anyone used to buy their products from? Refills, Cartridges etc.

I saw them in an issue of PCA's magazine, and wondered if anyone has shopped from them.

  snowy30 01:39 06 May 04

And if anyone has shopped from them, have they put acros their credit card number to buy their products from Cartex?

  €dstowe 05:58 06 May 04

Put "Cartex" in the search box on this forum - you will soon see the general opinion of members here.


  BigAl127 08:13 06 May 04

Yes. Bought from them several times, very quick service and will buy from them again. Highly reccomended.

  alB 20:57 06 May 04

I used Cartex a couple of years back and they where fine, however, more recently there have been threads on here that have critisised their poor service etc. so if you do order from them make sure you get contact details and delivery dates and maybe keep your first order small, just in case...alB

  snowy30 00:07 07 May 04

In that case then, I'll withdraw my consideration of ordering from Cartex, as they are somewhat 'less than complimentary' and find some other more reliable company

Thanx guys!

  Aspman 15:41 07 May 04

Have order several times, first order was delayed. Cartex calimed to have sent it out but after several calls/emails (all answered quickly) my order was out of stock. It was delivered 5 days later just as I was told.

I will be ordering again soon. I wasn't put off by the original problems as the company did seam easy to get hold of.

  Fishbox 21:03 10 May 04

I've been using inkjet compatibles from Cartex in my Canon S630 for over a year.I have had no problems with orders or the credit card clearing company,GBPay.I haven't tried any comparison tests with Canon cartridges, neither do I do much photo printing (at present) but the results seem OK to my untrained eye and the printer doesn't seem to mind!I haven't found a cheaper supplier.

  Fishbox 21:41 10 May 04

Apparently there are some cheaper-I've just had a browse through "ConsumerWatch Forum" on this site.Cartex will send post free but make sure you opt for Royal Mail second class delivery (UK) otherwise an order is sent first class and then there is a charge.

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