Carrera query

  Mr Beeline 23:28 16 Jul 05

I see that they are still trading. I'm confused.... I thought they had gone bust!

If they have risen from the ashes (yet again). Out of interest... is there anyone out there bought one of their machines recently? and if so, do you have any comments you would like to make?

Just interested more than anything. As I almost bought one myself a while back, what with the good reviews they appear to get (and still do) in PC Advisor.

  spuds 00:08 17 Jul 05

Carrera did go bust [twice], but certain parts of the company were sold off by the administrator. Watford Electronics had a mention as being part of the new management, whether this finally materialized, I cannot be sure.

Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole,yes I know they are now part of Watford Electronics for whom I have great respect,having bought many items from them over the years but we have one of the original worthless Carrera warranties from the first time they went bust and they went to the wall twice more after that.Once bitten and all that as far as I am concerned.

  Ancient Learner 13:31 17 Jul 05

They appear to be back in various mags reviews, so, presumably, they are active again, albeit via Watford.

  spuds 14:03 17 Jul 05

Strange bit of advertising click here including all the recent awards click here

  Ancient Learner 15:05 17 Jul 05

Bit of a nerve quoting back to 1993, and "With over 200 awards including Best PC Manufacturer and Best Sales Team Carrera SSC has established itself since 1993 as one of the most recognized and respected computer brands in the UK." when they have gone to the wall at least once since that date, letting down umpteen customers who then had worthless warrenties.

I don't suppose what they are doing is in any way illegal,but to those of us who have one of their worthless warranties it does not seem right somehow.

I wonder if it is run by the same people and in the same premises as before?

  Desert Rat 20:09 17 Jul 05

Has anyone had any dealings with Carrera since they were taken over by Watford, either by buying a new machine and/or dealing with their customer service. They seem to be getting some decent reviews on some of their PCs but what is the build quality and customer service like these days?

  bowl 21:44 17 Jul 05

I too have a useless Carrera warranty but trying to get something done before they went bust wasn't any easier.

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