Carphonewarehouse buy AOL(UK)

  hotel99 10:41 11 Oct 06

Hot news that carphonewarehouse has bought the UK arm of AOL

  g0slp 10:55 11 Oct 06

Here's a link

click here

  patsyanne 11:21 11 Oct 06

I am on, have they bought that or just

  spuds 11:29 11 Oct 06

Must have sorted out all their problems with Talk Talk then :O)

  Stuartli 12:05 11 Oct 06

I'm with TalkTalk - vowed for years I would never have AOL on my system.....:-((

  steven_frost 12:11 11 Oct 06

I feel sorry for everyone who is with AOL having been taken over by TALKTALK does not look good

  patsyanne 12:17 11 Oct 06

steven_frost,same as what i thought .

  def90csw 13:22 11 Oct 06

So with 2 companies with a poor record of customer care hope this will be a good takover and not one that becomes hell for the customers of both companies.

  kdt 11:31 12 Oct 06

i am with aol but outside the contract i.e. can get out with 1 month you think we should look forward to better service though except for minor hicups i had no bad experience in the past 2 years or so with aol? i was going to start the ball rolling for a forum then so this and joined in now.awaiting sky broadband in our area to see what to do since we have nearly £60 monthly tv package.

  kdt 11:35 12 Oct 06

patsyanne...just to let you know that carphone warehouse bought isp service of aol's uk is owned by timewarner which can put talktalk in its back pocket.

  patsyanne 13:27 12 Oct 06

Thanks kdt, i am not fond of AOl or Carphone warehouse, who i am still waiting for them to send me the software cd,usb cable and in car charger for a new mobile i bought of them on line.Aol say the same if you need a disc of them ,they take your address then never send it !

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