Carphone warehouse waste of time.

  kev-a 22:34 08 Jan 07

Has anyone else found these people to be absolutely hopeless for want of some MUCH stronger language ??
Last straw when my wifes Motorola V3 in Lilac arrived today half lilac and the other half silver.
QA department must be working overtime :((

Off to a shop Wed to see if they have any all the same colour !! As the Customer support advised me there shop staff are hand picked to match front and back covers to a near 50% accuracy...Sorry but i am about ready to insert said phone into an otherwise undisclosed orafice :)

Normally use phones 4 u and very happy...Pity they don't do Lilac..

  lisa02 22:43 08 Jan 07

I noticed that on a v3 I purchased last year that the battery panel was a different shade to the body of the phone.

Went straight back to carphone for a refund as the handset was crap in general.

I recently bought new phones from phones4u online, I can highly recommend the online service click here free next day delivery and customer service that gives immediate responses.

  Stuartli 22:56 08 Jan 07

>>shop staff are hand picked to match front and back covers to a near 50% accuracy.>>

Then they have achieved their object in the case of your Motorola V3...:-)

I can understand your frustration.

  lisa02 22:59 08 Jan 07

Oh look the lilac is even advertised in a green hyperlink on the first post.

  kev-a 23:43 08 Jan 07

Yah and i think i will run out and grab 2 at that price lisa02 :))
Staurtli nice one !!

  pavvi 08:32 09 Jan 07

I don't understand how you can have had a front tht was lilac and back in silver....was it just the battery back that was silver or the whole back? The phones are normally shipped without being opened and so therefore it could be Motorola's QA that has failed here....

  kev-a 19:21 09 Jan 07

V3 has 3 parts (Covers) that are removable.
They managed to get the base in Lilac, But front and back covers are Silver.

When the phone arrived it's box was not cealed so i would assume there checked at Carphone warehouse before despatch.....So maybe it should have been cealed and therein lies the answer to my 2 tone fone :((

  Dizzy Bob 19:54 09 Jan 07

You could always consider it a limited edition!! :-)


  kev-a 19:58 09 Jan 07

Apparently it is a limited edition, Which i suppose makes it a limited/limited edition..
Anyone want to buy it before i insert it at my local CPW shop ??
Don't all speak at once :(( (Or Type)
Got my Bluetooth headset today at least that's all the same colour..Good ol E-Bay..:)))

  pavvi 22:17 09 Jan 07

The only bit that is removeable without a screwdriver is the battery cover. Generally when the phone is sent out it is simply put in the citylink bag and sent out. A multicoloured phone is so bizarre it could not be foreseen. Never seen ithappen in my 2 and a half years at CPW

  mymate 22:27 09 Jan 07

I must have been lucky with CPW cause they sent me a disc i was supposed to have had with the mobile.took them 2 weeks to post it though.

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