Card companies lose refund case

  ajm 11:48 31 Oct 07
  HondaMan 12:03 31 Oct 07

That seems to make it pretty clear. Hooray! Now all those dubious timeshare resales companies had better watch out

  spuds 20:48 31 Oct 07

I noticed in some financial papers today, that certain credit card companies are starting to 'up' their rates, and revise terms and conditions. Perhaps they are attempting to minimise loses, now that the verdicts been given!.

  rickf 22:01 31 Oct 07

nice one for the consumers. about time.

  rickf 22:03 31 Oct 07

For too long the banks have been having their cake and eating it!!

  ajm 23:49 31 Oct 07

Apparently, there will be a case being heard in the House of Lords over alleged bank charges, very soon in the new year.

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