In car satelite navigation Portable

  parsnips 18:10 06 Feb 05

I am thinking of buying pda based sat nav system for my car. I have been looking for budget systems medion Navman etc up to about £400.
Has anybody out there got one. Whats it like ?
Any reccommendations. Thanks

  fred 20:46 06 Feb 05

Seen a dedicated GPS Garmin streetpoilt III in the local maplin for £350. It wroks well as I've had one for two years but paid £900 for it *cry* *cry*

  HXP 20:47 06 Feb 05

I have iPAQ 2210 with TOM TOM & bluetooth receiver
The 2210 is discontued but there are still a few around.

The 2210 has a 400 mhz processor & combined with TOM TOM is in my opinion the best sortware package around. There are six of us at work who all have the same packages.

If you went for a wired reciever you gould get a complete solution for the £400 - you need a CF or SD card as the maps are about 128 mb. A car mount is pretty much essential as well to use it safely.

click here

Lots of reviews from users to help you make a chioce and several within your budget.

These PDA's are not upgradable as far as CPU and internal memory is concerned so try and get the highest spec one you can.

The MEDION looks good value at the price so I guess budget comes in to it.

I have been very happy with my combined set up.

Hope that helps


  bremner 21:03 06 Feb 05

I too have a TT3 bluetooth and iPaq - first class bit of kit

  g0nvs 21:28 06 Feb 05

Why not take a look at the Tom Tom GO all in one sat nav system ? works very well and only one cable.

  HappySoul 22:22 06 Feb 05

click here I went for the Mio 168 + Tom Tom. You get England, Scotland and Wales + Major Roads in Europe. I'd recommend this click here site to update points of interest and safety cameras etc.

  LinH 17:50 08 Feb 05

I have a Tom Tom Go, it's an all in one device, therefore there are no messy cables all over the place. It works a treat, no problems at all. Easy to set up, just a quick flip through the manual and you are away; and it's accurate, bearing in mind that all mapping software is playing catch up. And, importantly, if you send an email to Tom Tom they actually reply! - or am I being cynical here?

Hope this helps.


  Stuartli 17:58 08 Feb 05

Or buy a PDA for general use and the Tom-Tom software to use on it.

  accord 18:00 08 Feb 05

If you want a pda swell then an ipaq with TomTom is IMO the best solution. If you DONT want a PDA then TomTom Go is IMO the best solution.

I have an ipaq with Tomtom and i thinks its brilliant. Money well spent.

  anchor 13:21 09 Feb 05

"accord" has hit the nail exactly on the head. Without doubt TomTom is the best!.

Personally, I have an Ipaq with the TomTom3. If you prefer a self contained unit, then the TomTom-Go is the best choice.

There have been other threads on this forum in the recent past, and forum members reports on the "Go" confirm that is is excellent.

Review here:

click here

available here:

click here

  mole44 17:19 09 Feb 05

i use a navman icn510 tiz brilliant.size of a pda and fits into supplied case and then into your pocket.

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