Capping of Broadband Services

  BigMoFoT 00:27 17 Feb 03

I'm sure we all know NTL are capping its broadband service - Will any other's follow suit? Does anyone else know if other providers are considering capping their services? (I use BT)

  SCL411 22:30 18 Feb 03

BT's 'no frills broadband service (the one without email and webspace' is capped at 1GB per day.

I'm just waiting for an email from BT to say that my Openworld connection is going to be capped - I'll go mental!!!

I don't download mp3s or the like, but I do a lot of browsing and also have an internet radio station on most of the day which hikes up the amount of data coming down the line!

I am sick to death of the way companies can change terms & conditions when they feel like it, but lord help any user who does not stick to them!

If this is to become the norm, I think that companies should compensate the user by reducing the monthly fee as well as offer an uncapped service at a slightly higher fee.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:52 18 Feb 03

1gb is an awful lot to d/l in a day. My partners' company is downloading stock price info all day and they rarely go over 100Mb.

Like it or not, companies are perfectly within their rights to change their terms and conditions. Within the contract that you agreed to when signing up, there will be a clause to that effect. Of course you have the option to change to another supplier at any time although you may lose advance rental. 1Gb is the equivalent of 200 songs and browsing uses very little space.

As BT are following NTL and as BT own most of the BB services that are then resold to providers, I would imagine that many more BB companies will follow suit. The ones that do not will attract all the heavy users and their service will diminish accordingly.

part of it is trying to reduce the amount of bandwidth used which, from a business point of view is quite logical...businesses have to make profits and there should be no shame in that. Part is also the promotion of faster services (up to 8mb/s) that will soon arrive here. Finally, part is due to the fact that the providers have got a little bit rattled by the interest in BB sharing where a number of users set up their own server link.

All in all it is going to happen, so forewarned is forearmed. If, as I suspect, all the companies fall into line then there will be little anypne can do but as I started this piece, 1Gb a day is an awful lot of downloading... 10x more/day than a large American stockbroking company achieve in the UK.


  spuds 02:09 19 Feb 03

I think that we have not heard the last about this subject.Once one as started it the rest will surely follow.

  BigMoFoT 21:50 19 Feb 03

I have had the no frills service from BT for about 6 months and I have had no information from BT regarding the capping of this service and nor was it stated when I paid/registered for the service - If I hadn't of created this post I wouldn't have been any the wiser cos to tell you the truth I've not noticed a difference!

Does anyone have any links regarding BT's service?

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