cant decide: Creative Zen Touch Or IPOD

  Adz1310 13:15 22 Nov 04

Goin to get either on of the following for christmas. Everyone seems to have an IPOD, though the creative seems to have a better battery life!!!Any suggestions??Which 1, as I really cant decide!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:03 22 Nov 04

Go for the cheaper one as there is no difference in sound quality. With the IPlod you are paying a lot for *ahem* style...if you feel that you need the style then you are welcome to pay. With the money saved buy a decent pair of headphone as both come with naff ones.

I would look at click here £100+ cheaper than an Iplod and just as good...headphones are excellent as well.


  Brian-336451 16:12 22 Nov 04

I've got a Creative Zen Xtra which I bought about 6 months ago.

Arguably (no definitely) not in the same league as the Apple offering in terms of style or tactile 'feel', the iPod is outstanding.

In terms of performance the Creative is fabulous. How you get such bass out of little earplug speakers amazes me.

It's got a 30 Gb HDD and I've got only about 7Gb on it including audio books (complete Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc etc).

Marvellous, replaceable battery (easier than a mobile to access) and good battery life, all for a good price (bought mine in Dubai though). Would wholeheartedly recommend it unless your peer group make you a fashion victim (no, not a dig).

Hope that helps.

  TomJerry 17:14 22 Nov 04

30gb £129.99 click here

  TomJerry 17:26 22 Nov 04

one more click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:04 22 Nov 04

Both are not in stock yet but they look superb especially the 60Gb one...Iplod...Meh!


  georgemac 18:58 22 Nov 04

for my postings - the young lad is looking for one - looking seriously at the creative at £170 but off to look at some of the others

  sean-278262 20:03 22 Nov 04

click here

if you get them to price beat you can probably get it for the lowest price plus you get a £5 gift voucher, if you also email them this code when you order you will get a free set of headphones (code - mx300future) works with any player bought from the site.

Also look through the hard drive section as many others on offer.

  TomJerry 20:17 22 Nov 04

do they do price beat?

  Adz1310 23:27 22 Nov 04

started looking at the 20gb sony 1!!!thats quite nice but we'll c! the one on dabs also looks quite smart!

  wjrt 16:12 23 Nov 04

iRiver gets good reports check the range and compare

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