Canon Pixma iP 5000 but where can it be got??

  Effie 22:36 18 Jun 06

Please, has anyone recently bought a Canon Pixma iP 5000 Printer either online or in the high street and would be willing to give me some contact details?

I have spent umpteen hours unsuccessfully trawling the net looking for one having read lots of great reviews regarding it's performance. Unfortunately, it appears to have gone off the market alltogether. ( It's not even available on e-Bay at present!!)


Thank You.

  rodriguez 22:49 18 Jun 06

click here

It's £130.84 with the VAT.

  Al94 22:52 18 Jun 06

Has been obsolete for some time now, this is the range launched in August 05 click here

  spuds 23:03 18 Jun 06

Doing a quick google. Lambdatek click here suppose to have them at £133.56 including delivery. Otherwise no stock available and discontinued.

  sidecar sid 07:49 19 Jun 06
  Ikelos 08:35 19 Jun 06

amazon have them, just got mine from there i got the pixma ip5200R

  Ikelos 09:52 19 Jun 06

forget my post, I read it wrong, I see you meant the 5000...........oh well, back to sleep..

  Effie 10:48 19 Jun 06

Thanks folks.

  Effie 12:49 19 Jun 06

Have tried all your links and suggestions folks but still no luck to date.

Has anyone in the last few weeks come accross one even locally?

Thanks everyone.

  Payroll2 01:18 21 Jun 06

Try Jessops £79.99 real bargain

  Effie 11:11 21 Jun 06

Thanks Payroll2. Unfortunately the model that they appear to be advertising is the Pixma 5200 not the 5000 which is it's predecessor.

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