Canon Manual an Extra?

  Ex plorer 25 Jul 13

I have just purchased a canon compact camera for my brother who is 67, The Extra I bought as it was not included was a Carry case.

At the time of purchase a backup battery (canon) and a SD card, that I new would be extras. Total Cost £301.

There is, was, No Manual Provided, its on the CD provided or On line.

My Bro hasn't a PC and this is his first ever Digital Camera.

I got in touch with Canon UK by email and had a prompt reply the next day with a link to there EOS Shop and a manual For £12 yes twelve Quid.

My past cameras from canon always included a carry around small booklet.

I could print of the 179 pages at my cost or Bro's. To me a booklet to carry round till you are familiar with a Camera is a necessary piece of equipment as is a pouch/carry case.

Canon Camera (SX 280HS) Lovely Camera but, come on Canon a booklet please.

  spuds 25 Jul 13

This is becoming the 'normal customer service practice' nowadays, print the mega page manual from the cd or online documentation. I have had to do this on a few occasions, so make sure you have the time and ink,paper and stapling supplies available.

One well known manufacturer once charged me £5 for their operating and instruction manual, which consisted of 4 sheets of photocopied material. I was not an happy bunny.

  iscanut2 25 Jul 13

Rather than print all 179 pages, just be very selective and perhaps just print out the relevant pages, exclude all those about connecting to pc, printing, etc.. its surprising how much you can leave out !

  rdave13 25 Jul 13

Have a look at this. I can't find out the price and have never used them. Looks a good idea for them to create a booklet for you. They say it's cheaper than printing yourself?

  rdave13 25 Jul 13

Link goes to here.

  Ex plorer 25 Jul 13

rdave, the cost is within pennies of the EOS Book 200 pages.

iscanut2, yes a good idea I started to do that and if I was beginner like my Bro I could save around the first 10 pages. For me with knowledge I have the hang of it almost.

Spuds, I started to Print it off and chose (book) the print came out in font 6.

Next I tried two sided printing erm never used it before and of course that comes out inverted on the other side of the page in again in font 6.

I cant copy to word either.

It looks like EOS win on this one and no doubt a well made soft back, of course I could buy off eBay in A4 or A5 binder booklet but my bet is its font 6 I will ask £8 delivered, to be honest I would buy from EOS.

I tech him one task a day, But a basic book would get most people going.


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