Canon Bubble Jet i865 printer

  krypt1c 18:46 17 May 04

I'm thinking of investing in this printer [currently top of the PCA top 10 chart for colour inkjet printers], but would like to hear from anyone who already has one. Any comments would be appreciated, especially about printing directly onto CDs.
Thanks in advance

  kaled 19:39 17 May 04

It's a great printer. Easy setup and quality is superb. Cartridges aren't too expensive either. I've used Epsons for years and finally gave up on them when the last two developed print head problems within weeks of the end of my warranty. The Canon seems far superior and I'm very pleased with the quality of photographic prints. Haven't tried printing to CD but I wholeheartedly recommend buying the printer. Go for it!

  sdf 19:59 17 May 04

i got one and its the absolute best printer i have ever had the experience of using - I would strongly recomend it it anyone

  krypt1c 20:05 17 May 04

Thanks for the repones so far. I'll leaqve the thread open for a while just in case. However, I think I'll be going for it, especially as it's going for £130 on Amazon. BTW found an in-depth review click here

  byfordr 20:16 17 May 04

Canons are superb, started with a i950, moved up to i990... click here for original consumables (if you end up getting it!)


  one23 06:11 18 May 04

I am very pleased with the i865. Really stunning photo prints , comprehensive software and reasonable price.

  krypt1c 18:31 18 May 04

Thanks for all the replies. Closing now

  Ty Mawn 15:08 08 Aug 04

Thank you all for the replies and suggestions,I am still trying to get some sense from no luck up to now.
Diolch, Ty Mawn.

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