Cannot view pictures

  kingussie 13:55 15 Jun 05

Since uninstalling AC Pentax viewer and defaulting to Quicktime, I have not been able to view pictures in Slide or forward and back mode. I uninstalled Quicktime and am now left with the Microsoft logo on my pictures but cannot even open them now. How do I go about installing or running a simple viewer which can zoom and forward and back please

  Jackcoms 14:30 15 Jun 05

You'd get a better response if this post was in the Helproom.

  Arnie 15:38 15 Jun 05

kingussie, as Jackcoms suggested.

"You'd get a better response if this post was in the Helproom".
However, I have had a look at the Picasa software and it has an excellent picture viewer among other useful features.

Download it free of charge at:

click here

  joethebow 21:42 15 Jun 05

Try Infran View.

You can find this and lots of free picture viewers as well as oodles more at

  Arnie 19:35 16 Jun 05


This will get you to the correct site.

click here

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