Cancelling AOL Subscription

  bazzzac 19:25 02 May 06

I will be cancelling my AOL subscription over the next week or so and moving to to NTL.

Can anyone who has left AOL advise if they keep your e-mail open for anytime after cancellation and will I still be able to use my same screen names for AIM. I have tried getting this information from AOL but it has proved impossible. All they wan't to do is stop me leaving.

  Noldi 20:07 02 May 06

I left AOL when I moved away from England and found it very difficult to contact them to Cancel because all the contact numbers I had could only be called from England. If I remember correctly it was about 4 months, Fax and e-mail was a waste of time I had to keep phoning.


  Snec 03:28 03 May 06

ON the day you (successfully) ring to cancel it's all over. ie. everything. No more AOL at all.

Before you do though, have you looked up threads throughout the forums here on AOL and NTL?

Frying pan into fire springs to mind!

I have been with AOL for over five years btw and my connection has always proved much more reliable than any of my friends who are/were with NTL, and others for that matter. I don't use AOL's software though, just the connection.

I urge you to think carefully before jumping.

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