can you report misleading advertising?

i wont go into details, but a well known web site i bought a product from are advertising a product claiming it has a lifetime warrenty, i have approached them about this and they clearly said 1 year limited warrenty, so i asked about the lifetime warrety claim, and they told me sorry not on that product, yet they still advertise it, as far as im concerned this is nothing more than a con, and after no joy from the site is there anyone (trading standards) i can report them to?
This is a big well known company

  €dstowe 11:57 12 May 07

just the job! many thanks, er friend, sorry cant find the euro symbal on my keyboard! one for the helproom i think!
thanks again

alt gr and 4 = €
thanks again €dstone

  Forum Editor 14:08 12 May 07

a lifetime warranty - that's something that a manufacturer might do, with the normal qualifications about manufacturing defects only being covered.

Retailers may provide a guarantee, but your rights in law would usually protect you anyway.

thanks fe, it's no major problem, it's just thats why i bought from them and paid a little extra, and they pretty much admitted it's an error a week a go yet the advert still stands.

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