Can you recommend a Good cheap Broadband Provider?



I'm currntly using AOL dial up and have been very happy over many years. Broadband finally became avaiable to me a couple of months ago and I was happy to go with AOL. Without going into to details lets just say that I no longer want to use AOL after recent customer service.

Anyway can anyone recommend a good CHEAP Broadband provider (looking for 512k minimum and able to use a wifi).

I would like a similar package to what AOL offer. All recommendations appreciated. Oh and price hopefully between £15 - £20 max. Or less??

Thanks in advance.

  TopBloke37 16:56 14 Nov 04

AOL's 512 package is 24.99 !!! One of the most expensive on the market. Any look at the ADSL web site will show why AOL comes nowhere near the speed,reliability & service most people come to expect. ISP's like Zen, Nldram, Pipex, One-Tel are all worthy of serious consideration and obviously all cheaper than AOL. However he must be prepared to pay somewhere near the same, not £15!!!

  pj123 17:14 14 Nov 04

Lots of choices on here: click here

  Diemmess 17:46 14 Nov 04

Its a very competetive world out there! The old cliche "you get what you pay for."

One change which is suddenly there, is to be locked into a year's contract as soon as you go BB.

This does limit an easy change which still applies to dial-up.......... Even the maligned Aol has dropped £2.00 from the monthly bill for the lowest speed (256). Aol does include completely free support 0800 telephone and online "live help". Not the case with many others.

  bluenote 19:32 14 Nov 04

I use metronet pay as you go. I don't load lots of media files down every month so use very few mb's .But i use the internet every day for various other things including visiting this site.My average bill including v.a.t. is about £ here


Idiot? I'd reread the post Blokey!

I am looking for something between £15 and £20.

Thanks to those who offer advice, very much appreciated.

  wjrt 19:52 14 Nov 04

click here
as you need only to migrate then this possibly cheapest

  kinger 20:08 14 Nov 04

I use BT, they're not the cheapest but ever since I started with them I've never had one single problem or outage. Recommended if you want reliability.

  TomJerry 20:20 14 Nov 04

maybe good

  TomJerry 20:25 14 Nov 04

talk talk provided by Carohone Warehouse (?)

£19.99 INCLUDE phone line rent, free evening, weekend local calls

  hugh-265156 01:25 15 Nov 04

this site has some very good info that should help you choose an isp that suits your needs and your pocket click here

ps. nobody should be called an idiot or put down on this site, thats the kind of response that puts people off posting here.

TopBloke37 im sorry but your way out of order, no call for that at all. im thinking you may have been joking but humour sometimes doesnt come accross very well when read here. sorry FE but thats not very nice is it?

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