Can you 'charge' customers for an RMA?

  AdeJ 10:59 26 Apr 08

I had some faulty memory from a well known online firm - a pain, but it happens. I filled out their online RMA request and it responds that I have to call an 0870 number to have it 'progressed further'.

Not particularly impressed with that, but I need the memory swapping so have done - twice now - and after being bombarded with adverts about their services for 15 minutes each time I gave up and hung up.

It's a faulty DoA item, can you really ask customers to ring in on a premium rated number to get it returned? Is that not tantamount to charging them?

  jack 11:48 26 Apr 08

any chance of an E-mail or a web page response form?

  rickf 11:51 26 Apr 08

This does not sound right to me. Normally an RMA is very straightforward. What company is it?

  Forum Editor 13:13 26 Apr 08

You should be able to do this online. As rickf has suggested, why not tell us who it is?

  AdeJ 14:54 29 Apr 08

Ebuyer - I completed the online request, it then asks me to call an 0870 number to progress it, I tried twice and gave up after being in the queue and bombarded with adverts for 15 mins each time, and then sent an enote which still hasnt been answered after 5 days..

  AdeJ 14:56 29 Apr 08

oops repeated myself a bit there - apologies for that!

  AdeJ 15:50 29 Apr 08

..and Ebuyer must watch this forum, as my enote was responded to within 10 minutes of naming them here - and pointed out that their 0870 number costs 1p per minute, which is a fraction of what BT said it cost but hey they should know..

  wjrt 16:27 29 Apr 08

click here
if you sign in to your account you should get the cost of individual calls to quote to e-buyer

  ICF 16:57 29 Apr 08

I also had to ring that number for an MP3 player that was faulty and also had to wait in a queue for 30 Min's.I told them in the enotes that all I got was a white screen and that I had done all the reset procedures as laid out on the creative website.When I got through all I was asked was what the problem was, a white screen.They then OK'd the RMA.
My point is they knew no more after the my forced phone call than they did before it.

  AdeJ 11:21 30 Apr 08

It'll be the same here - the memory has been tried in alternative slots, all setting checked against suppliers specs etc etc - seems to be a completely daft idea to me and it will make me think twice about future purchases if the returns procedure is so inconvenient.

I'll keep trying to get through but surely all I'm required to do is advise them in writing that I am rejecting the goods as faulty..

  Ventad 12:28 30 Apr 08

Have you tried putting the full 0870 number into click here. for a geograficle number

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