Can Windows be this cheap and genuine?

  billy 19:23 09 May 04

What do you think of this cheap software? click here
Can this cheap be genuine?

  powerless 19:26 09 May 04

OEM is cheaper.

But look at the URL, me thinks it's dodgy.

  powerless 19:36 09 May 04

Although I don't want to jump to conclusions.

  billy 19:55 09 May 04

Powerless - after your view I found this comment click here. Looks like a scam and my dream of a bargain almost made me fall for it. I should remember (if it look s too good to be true, it probably is".

  ste_bla 20:22 09 May 04

That link says its 'out of stock' of Windows XP Media Center which if i remember from PCA Jan04 WinXP Media center isnt buyable off the shelf it has to be with a pre manufactured media center..

  bremner 20:24 09 May 04

From Sam Spade click here

This is a website from Russia - need I say more

  ste_bla 20:24 09 May 04

Ops yea so you cant buy t so why would they put it on there V doggy.. I guess if you did want to try it buy credit card maybe? (i wouldnt)

Also the media player not being onsale : Jan04 Pg14

  Al94 20:33 09 May 04

with the proverbial 40ft bargepole

It is obviously dodgy,as Powerless said look at the URL, also you are being asked to place your credit card details on an unsecure page - need I say more?

  billy 20:59 09 May 04

Thanks guys. I feel so stupid. Unbelievably cheap software and I all I need to do is send my credit card number on an insecure link to Russia.....

  Steve N 21:29 09 May 04

Cheapest I've found XP Pro pucker is @ click here . It is OEM so you have to get it with a HDD or motherboard but for £ can't got wrong!

  pipedream 22:29 09 May 04

It's cheaper... click here -£60 (OEM again, so need to buy it with HDD etc.)

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