can I get a new monitor for old?

  humprey28 16:59 27 Jan 03

Bought system from Mesh 2 years ago (3 year warranty). Monitor (Diamond Pro 730) comes from NEC-Mitishbushi - anti-glare coating gone and 7 weeks after sending back tell me can't get part. Have offered me replacement A grade 750SB and no other alternative. Am I entitled to ask for new monitor or can they give me a second hand one (albeit reconditoned). If not am I entitled to my money back? Their response is that is all they can offer under the warranty - I asked if I could put the price of my broken monitor against purchasing a new on efrom them but told no?
Any advice or laws I could blind them with or will I just have to accept this? Thanks in advance!

  Sir Radfordin™ 17:02 27 Jan 03

I think they have to leave you in a position no worse than the one you started in. So you should have a monitor of equal (higher is ok!) spec than the one being replaced.

I doubt there is an obligation to refund the money after this period of time under the Sale of Goods Act.

I think you are likely to just have to accept this.

  Stuartli 18:01 27 Jan 03

If the anti-glare coating has gone it's probably due to over enthusiastic cleaning - it's a very delicate surface at the best of times.

You will also have to remember that you have had two years' use from the monitor and that the model is almost certain obsolete now, so a Grade A replacement, which should be virtually equivalent to a new one, is a very fair offer.

It might be worth asking for the terms of the warranty to see exactly what it offers - there just may be something which has been missed, although the company concerned is a very reputable one.

  spuds 19:18 27 Jan 03

You will usually find that the general rule for a warranty claim, will stipulate that a refurbished unit "equivilent too or better than" the model you have at present.They will not be obliged to give a brand new model as a replacement.Also you should find that they will only give you the remaining time, left on the original warranty.In your case perhaps one year!.

  humprey28 19:30 27 Jan 03

Thanks everyone. Seems I'm out number and so will except their offer - always seems strange that in the world of computers things are different i.e. if you bought a camera and it went wrong they either fix it or give you a new one. How many of us would accept a second hand reburbished camera without making a fuss. Just a thought!

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