Can I buy from Dell business for the home?

  lisa02 14:49 18 Dec 07

Their Vostro can be configured to a similar tower I bought a few week ago where as I cannot get same config on the home section of website.

Plus the tower I got 2 weeks ago is silver and white where as the bonus is the Vostro is the same case only in black.

Basically I'm looking.

Black case.
Good value dual core processor. at least X2 6000+
2 Sata drives. 250 gb each
2 gb ram
2 DVD drives
and multi card reader
and a better card than the 256mb 8600gt.

Don't need a monitor.

Delivered to Northern Ireland for less than £500

  interzone55 15:05 18 Dec 07

Yes you can, I have a colleague who bought a Vostro laptop for personal use.

  lisa02 15:09 18 Dec 07

Does the warranty differ?
I'm trying to read through it all.

  CatTrading 15:31 18 Dec 07

I think you have to be VAT registered to do so.

  spuds 15:56 18 Dec 07

You may find that the warranty is set up for commercial use more than home use, this in itself will void certain consumer rights. Business can have certain tax incentives, plus a VAT registered person or business can have rebate allowances.

With Dell 'business' deals, you may find that 'next day' service engineers facilities apply.

Some companies ask for evidence that you are a business, but I have never had this problem with Dell. PC World are going to be involved with Dell shortly. Perhaps PC World Business section could offer advice!.

  Taff™ 15:58 18 Dec 07

Don`t think so. I`ve bought from them when not registered.

  CatTrading 16:20 18 Dec 07

I bought my Laptop through Toshiba business in Jan 07.
And had to be VAT registered to do so.
So presume it was the same for Dell.

  interzone55 17:01 18 Dec 07

It's difficult to drag info out of the dell website, and as I have a premier reseller login I get different options to ordinary visitors, but whilst it says "offers apply to UK customers who intend to use the equipment for business purposes" I don't know how you could prove this short of paying with a business account.

I've just tried to configure a Vostro to get you a price but I can't buy Vostros through my account, they're for small business only.

  wee eddie 18:07 18 Dec 07

If you buy as a Business, you forgo a lot of the Legal Rights that an Individual has.

For example: Most of the Consumer Rights Legislation is not applicable to the Business Purchaser.

  lisa02 10:50 20 Dec 07

wee eddie, could you explain further?

If it breaks they'll still fix it FOC won't they?

The Dell Vostro is coming in at about £475 delivered.

  Shinytop 12:38 20 Dec 07

Lisa02, yes you can, I bought a laptop six months ago no problems no questions. What you may lose in terms of consumer rights ( and that,s debatable )you will gain on ,next day on site warranty for up to 3 years.

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