Can dell outlet be bartered down?

  puma22 18:18 07 Mar 06

Hi i am thinking of geting a laptop as a second pc, amily for the kids to do homeworkk on, play sims and to use occasionally away from home. I am leanig towards dell outlet. First question is what to go for. It will be maily for above. We dont play games other than sims and do on video editing (and the main pc is capable if we decide to do this). It is as a backup system. So.. what is a realistic spec for doing what we want and second, is it worth phoning though to dell to get a discount?

Many thanks

  Dellman 21:57 07 Mar 06

Its always worth phoning through.....I got a laptop.....Online price was £ it down to £710 by speaking to sales.

  puma22 13:08 08 Mar 06

Dellman, thanks. I have doen a little bit more reseacrh on this and am looking at the inspiron 6000 with 1024 mb, 56 video card for 699. it is more expensive on the outlet site and the cheapest i can find on there seems to be aroun the £750 mark. Doesnt make sense to me?

  Dellman 16:01 08 Mar 06

Would suggest you pick up the phone to them.......!!

  puma22 17:15 08 Mar 06

Hi, didnt want to phone as i hate dealing with telesales, but have dropped them an e-mail. Will post back as to the response.

  surfmonkey #:@} 17:54 08 Mar 06

i have also heard you can get a much better deal over the phone i was told that if you phone them on the last wenesday in the month you can get a real bargin due to sales or something aledgedly

  Dellman 22:46 08 Mar 06

er....I phoned on a Wednesday!!

  surfmonkey #:@} 01:12 09 Mar 06

low sale not many people buying they have to meet target hence cheep pc`s

  Al94 12:15 09 Mar 06

Prices have fairly risen today on ordinary Dell UK offers - laptop I have been thinking about up £100!

  puma22 12:23 09 Mar 06

Hi, yes have just noticed that myself, but the one i'm interested in has 'only' gone up by £50. Doesnt make sense to me. I always thought that computer prices came down. I wonder though whether it isnt becuase it is the end of a spcial deal and they have to then offer at a higher price so that they canthen offer a new 'special deal'?

  Dellman 12:54 09 Mar 06

There are certain regulations that need to be followed when advertising items as "Sale" price....

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