Can dd2 RAM be installed the wrong way around?

  ChickenHorse 17:02 02 Sep 09

Well the answer is obvious no it can't be the notch makes sure they are installed the right way around.

What my problem is though is that I bought a new Pc back in October 2008 and a few weeks ago bought some corsair RAM for it. It is fully compatible 2x2gb DDR2 800mhz RAM. This was when I found out that the DIMM2 slot on the motherboard was broken as it fried a module. Not risking to fry another module of my new RAM I put in the old module that I had before. It also got fried, so i sent my motherboard and original RAM to the company I bought it off (Palicomp LTD) they say that I installed the RAM incorrectly and there werre burn marks on the DIMM2 slot and RAM to comfirm this. I checked before I sent it to them that there were no marks. On the sticker there was a slight burnt patch where the RAM had got so hot. They sent me images of the "burn marks" and I am 100% sure they were not there before.

I am still in disputes with them.

I highly recommend everyone to AVOID Palicomp LTD


  papa lazarous 17:13 02 Sep 09

It would have to be a very poorly designed mainboard with space at the ends of the ram slot and loose clips to accomodate the overhang but yes it is possible and I have seen it done once.

  ChickenHorse 17:18 02 Sep 09

I am still pretty sure I installed it correctly though as I can't see how I wouldn't have noticed installing 2 modules of RAM incorrectly as it would have to be a extremely tight fit.

  bremner 17:27 02 Sep 09

"I am still pretty sure I installed it correctly"

"I highly recommend everyone to AVOID Palicomp LTD"

Sorry but 'pretty sure' is hardly conclusive thereby rendering your condemnation unworthy.

  ChickenHorse 17:51 02 Sep 09

Well I am 100% sure its just how I speak sorry, When I went to take out the corsair RAM it was too hot to remove as it had been fried and I made sure that it was installed correctly and I did the same with the original module.

Also, a few month back around april I cant remember exactly, after a few hours of using windows I got the Blue screen and this was due to the RAM in the DIMM2 slot failing. So thats 3 modules of RAM that have all been broken in the DIMM2 slot.

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